Outside the pants version of The Pocket Gun Pal. The holster loops in your belt and provides secure and comfortable gun access with little effort. Fits any sub-compact and full size 1911fiream. 

 The Pocket Gun Pal was designed for maximum comfort and total accessibility for the user. The 100% leather made in Texas handcrafted pocket holster works with any sub compact regardless of caliber. The front of the holster is 1/8 inch thick quality rawhide that eliminates patterning of your firearm which is illegal in many states. The back side facing against your thigh is a softer 1/32 inch durable 100% rawhide that conforms to any gun.


The Pocket Gun Pal and other additions to the line of holsters. 

The back pocket version allows comfortable carry of any sub-compact with easy and fast withdraw. The exposed side of the gun goes against the rear cheek and longer portion goes to the back. The holster looks like a wallet from behind without wearing a long shirt or jacket to cover your gun. 

Inside the waistband version of The Pocket Gun Pal. The holster clips secure onto your pants or belt providing comfortable and easy access to your gun.